Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry came to our house tonight. Chasing candy instead of each other!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This posting should have come AFTER the following one, but I wasn't planning my next posting ahead of time. In the top photo, Rosemary is on the left and I am on the right. In the bottom one I am on the left. My costume, which my mother made, was red velvet with sequins, hers was aqua with sequins. We both had matching "beanies" on our heads. The pictures were taken at Rosemary's house, which was next to ours, in Sarasota, Florida.
When my cousin, Rosemary, was five and I was six, we were a dance team and this building in Sarasota, Florida was where we performed our recitals. The dances we did were called "Acrobatic Ballet".

When I was in Florida this summer, Terri and I visited this old cemetery with my cousin, Rosemary Whitted Foreman. Grandparents from both sides of my family and many other relatives are buried here. It was a great experience to see my cousin again and to show Terri where family is buried.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pictures from the Past

My cousin, Rosemary, drove Terri and I around Sarasota, Florida to see some "childhood memory" places. This is the corner of DeSoto Road and Lockwoodridge Road in Sarasota. I used to stand on that corner to catch the bus when I was in the 1st, 2nd and part of the 3rd grade. My Grandmother owned the lots at that time. I was standing near her house when I took this picture last month. There was no traffic signals then...over 60 years ago...and little traffic. At that time it was five miles out of town. Not so now.
Below is Fruitville Elementary School which I attended those years. My brother, Preston, went
to school there also. It has been expanded and is still in use. It is interesting to note on the plaque visible over the door, it says "In God We Trust". Love it!

Phil's Sense of Humor

Here's the story. The little garden set needed to be welded and painted for years. While I was gone on the trip to Arizona/Florida...he got the job done and took a picture that one of the kids was supposed to put on my blogspot to surprise me. It didn't happen, but here is the garden set, with the ADDITION of a stuffed gorilla Phil bought long ago at a garage sale. It has ridden in his truck in the passenger seat, unexpectedly confronted overnight guests entering the guest room, and scared grandchildren who have stumbled on it. Never know where it will turn up. He has too much fun with it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I love sunflowers. Mine are all volunteers from one, previous year's planting. Some of them are taller than the house. They have grown in the most unusual places this year. Sometimes it has been hard to convince Phil that it's alright for them to grow in that particular the one in his garden.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Papa's Hat

Aleigha and Jacob found Pop Pop's hat and I had to record the outcome. (There is no guarantee that I will be able to continue uploading pictures. Terri had to figure it out again today.)

I fixed it!!

Yes, we have pictures!!!

This is the New Shed!!! Awesome!!

Phil, Ready for work.

Okay, as you can see we have pictures again.
It only took me 3 hours to figure it out!
Won't my mommy be so proud of me!!

I love you mom!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Problems Again!!

Heavy Sigh!! Problems with uploading photos again. So, it will be awhile before I can show Terri and Teresa the Father's Day tie worn by the Dad as was promised. Also, no picture of the completed tool shed for now. Argh-h-h-h!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spring Performance

Whew, we had three performances this year; two in Ephrata and one in Quincy. This is the entry table, photo gallery and programs for "Sleeping Beauty". I enjoy putting this together each year.

I usually don't get backstage photo's, but there was a slight break in activity and I snapped a couple. The costumes were really pretty. (no, I didn't make these).

Remember four years ago when I was making all those fairy wings? I was so glad not to have to do them again this year. This dancer (pink fairy) is a senior and it is her last performance with us.
The dancer sitting on the table (below) is wearing my "Blue Bird" overlay costume. The other costumes are purchased.

Bubbles at Grammie's House

I think I missed a lot when I raised my children. I found it so interesting to watch these two and their bubble-blowing styles. Jacob carefully blows the biggest and the most bubbles he can...doesn't spill and is pretty focused. Aleigha hardly stops long enough to blow...she likes to chase Jacob's bubbles and tries to catch them, spilling most of hers in the process. However, when she ran out of liquid, Jacob gave her some of his. Of course he would then move fast to catch the bubbles she was after and annoy her to no end. Aleigha was so proud of herself when she would finally catch one and wanted everyone to see what she had done.

It made me think of when I was the little sister trying to do things my big brother did, and never being able to do it quite as well. He would share with me though. That doesn't mean he didn't tease me every chance he got ,which was frustrating to deal with. But...I could always tell on him!!!! And I did!!! Sometimes even exaggerating a little!!! Hee Hee!

Another Update

FINALLY...I can upload a picture and post again.

Phil has the roof on the tool shed finished and the siding on the front, but I don't have a picture of that yet. This one is for you Terri, since you made a special request for an update. Thanks go to Jon for working on my computer today.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Still Here

Even though no postings have been seen, I have been trying. Just encountered a problem that won't let me upload and post pictures. Teresa, maybe you might try it on your end.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Old Snowball Bush

Phil asked Jon to come take a picture of us after Church in front of the old Snowball bush which is in full bloom. It is so pretty in the Spring...we've taken a lot of pictures in front of it over the years.

Tool Shed Update

Here is a little update on the progress of the tool shed. We have been so busy with other commitments, there has been little time to work on this project. I am ready for the mess to be cleaned up, however.


Hi grandma!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Economic Downturn Example

Well, actually, the tv is in the shop. But this is what we are using in the meantime. Had you kids worried for a minute though, huh? Thought you would have to get rooms ready for the parents!! :)

Jacob's Spring Concert

Jacob goes to preschool at New Life Christian School a few blocks from us and they had a concert Thursday night. Kreanna invited us and it was so much fun. They sang three songs, "He's Still Working on Me", "Say to the Lord I Love You", and then a fun one "The Skeeters and the Bed Bugs". They sang that one twice, putting baseball caps on for the last time.

Tool Shed

Just an update on the backyard progress...Phil started on the tool shed (6' x 8') already this spring. It will be nice to have a place for the lawn mower and garden tools, etc. He says we will be getting bikes to put in it too. I think that is because he has been coaxed into taking walks with me and it's not his favorite thing. Hiking, yes! Walks, no! (Makes me smile!) I tell him it will get him in shape for hiking.

Another Easter Treat

On Easter Sunday we had dinner early with Jon and family. Later in the afternoon Aleigha got so tired she got her blanket, climbed on my lap and went to sleep.
This was one of the highlights of the day for the Grammie!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ballet Costumes 2009

I can hardly believe it is time to work on costumes and alterations again. It is fun and one of the few creative things I get to do during the year.

The theme for the Spring Performance this year is "Sleeping Beauty",(you will notice some of Princess Aurora's royal costume hanging on the door). The costume we usually use for the "Blue Bird" was too small for the three dancers who will take turns in the three perfomances. So, I dreamed up the one modeled above. All the girls really liked it when I tried it on one of the dancers yesterday. This is a costume overlay I have been working on the last couple of weeks.

One of the hardest costume accessories I have done was the last time we used the theme "Sleeping Beauty" in 2005. I was asked to make fairy wings. Actually, MANY fairy wings. Bigger ones for the big girls and little ones for the petite fairies. Well, this year Ms Laurie needed one more petite fairy wing for a little dancer who came in just under the deadline. Not good! I can't remember how to make the things! I remember making a prototype in white net and white satan and it was still there among the lilac ones, so I began ponder the idea of dyeing it.

I checked the directions on the Rit dye at the store and it called for HOT water which I realized would not work for the delicate construction. Then after I dyed eggs for Easter the idea came to me to use Easter egg dye. Unfortunately, I had none left. So-0-0, I made an emergency call to Kreanna and YES, she had some extra packages!!

I tried the purple first and it came out a lovely, bright pink with a hint of purple. Then I experimented and added a red tablet and that just made it brighter. Rinsing it under clear, running water helped make it more pastel, but it was still obviously pink. I decided to experiment one more time and made a blue dye bath, adding some of the purple to it. Thankfully, when I add the purple ribbon for the middle it will be close enough to pass and I have now been saved MANY hours of figuring those little wings out.

After yesterday's try-ons, there are many alterations to make for fittings, so it's hard to express how thankful I am this worked out. Nice to live a block from a daughter who comes to the rescue.
Just a FYI: These wings are fastened on the tutu top in such a way they stand away from the back and really are cute little "training wings" for the little girls. The top one is an original, the closest one is the dyed one. (Yes, Grammie's are just antique little girls and still like to play dress-up.)

Getting Ready for Easter Fun

I love to dye eggs! Every year on the Saturday before Easter, whether anyone is around or not, I color eggs! It is even more fun when I have someone to share it with.

Jacob didn't know about writing on eggs with the wax crayon, so it was really fun to put his name on an egg before we dyed it.
Then we had to have an Easter egg hunt. I used plastic eggs for that however. When I was growing up we always used the eggs we colored.

Green things in the back yard were only beginning to provide cover, so it wasn't a very difficult hunt for the five-year old.

Altogether a fun day. Then I had to go take a rest!!

Long-time Friends

One of the special experiences at our 50th Anniversary party, along with family and many friends, was being able to share that time with my Maid of Honor, NancyRambeau Amell. We met when we were in the third grade when we lived in Orofino, Idaho the first time. Shortly, we moved to Greer, Idaho and then, when our house burned there, we went back to Florida.

When we returned again to Orofino, I was in the seventh and eighth grade...then we moved once again to Florida. I finished the last half of my tenth grade year in Orofino and stayed with Nancy and her mother during that time, while the rest of my family went to Kooskia. a small town up the Clearwater River beyond Orofino.

Nancy was very much a part of our family. Having no siblings, she fit right in and my parents loved her. We have kept in touch over the years, usually by phone, but it had been awhile since I had actually seen her.

I was so glad she was able to come and feel very thankful for another former classmate, Patty, who drove her here from Boise, Idaho.

One of the things that comes to us as we get older is there aren't many people left who actually knew and remember your parents. It adds a certain nostalgia to a reunion with someone who, not only knew them, but also knew ME as a young girl. ( Not many left that can claim that either!)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ephrata Canal Caper 2009

This 10,000 meter (6.2 mile) run is held every March. When Steve was a Freshman ( I think) he mentioned to me a few days before the event that he wanted to participate. It sort of came out of the blue...he hadn't trained or anything, but I knew he had a lot of energy and thought nothing of it.
He did SO well in the race that shortly afterwards the Cross Country Coach called him and asked him to join the team. That was the beginning of his participation in Track and Cross Country. He was awarded the "Most Inspirational" and the "Team Captain" awards twice during his high school years.
This year he wanted to run with his son. I wasn't there for the beginning of the race this year to take pictures, but it's the end that counts, right?!!

This is Jeffrey at the finish..There were 143 participants and he was # 52 at 58.16 minutes. He said he wanted to run it in under an hour and he did!!

Below, the runner in red across the canal is Steven.

This really brought back memories of watching Steve come in at the finish. When he was in high school he usually collapsed after crossing the finish line...which is nerve wracking for a mother.

After one of the meets I noticed his heart was still beating hard nearly thirty minutes after the race. Following many tests it was concluded that, yes, it does take HIS heart longer to slow down than the usual runner. He was advised to keep moving for awhile after crossing the finish, which he does now. (In High School he had a group of teammates who would run/jog with him after a race).
Steven came in # 77 at 70.34 minutes.

I know this was a special time for Steven, but it was also memorable for me . I never considered I would watch two generations run THIS particular race.
I wish I had been in training too, so it could have been three generations, but I haven't run it since 1996.

These two are winners in our family!!!

Joshua and Aleigha

I didn't get a chance to take many pictures last week, but these two caught my eye when my camera was close at hand. I've always thought that this age didn't usually play together well...but apparently I was mistaken! It was heartwarming to see my grandchildren having fun together.

Not sure what happened to the shape of this picture...but the "story" it tells is still intact.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

George and Allene

Here is a little story from our history.
When I was dating Phil he had a black, 1954 Ford which he was very proud of...and which had extemely loud, way cool pipes that I could hear coming at least four blocks away. I have no idea why he was never stopped for disturbing the peace; maybe the law liked the sound of them too.
Anyway, he had a small, stuffed bulldog that sat on the dash. It kept falling off, so I told him if he got a magnet I would sew it on the feet. This he did and, after sewing on the magnet, it stayed put quite nicely. We decide to name him George because it was Phil's first name and he has never been at all fond of it.
When we were on our honeymoon we stopped in a small town and had breakfast. There we saw a little dog that looked like a good mate for George. We named her Allene, because it was my middle name. They are still together...after all these years.

Jacob's Family Birthday Party

I'm a little late with this but I forgot they were in my camera. Can hardly believe he is five-years old already...five going on fifteen. Kreanna is reading our card to Jacob before he opens our gift. We have enjoyed watching him grow these past five years. What a special child he is. His Grandpa and I both miss not getting to spend much time with him anymore.