Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting Ready for Easter Fun

I love to dye eggs! Every year on the Saturday before Easter, whether anyone is around or not, I color eggs! It is even more fun when I have someone to share it with.

Jacob didn't know about writing on eggs with the wax crayon, so it was really fun to put his name on an egg before we dyed it.
Then we had to have an Easter egg hunt. I used plastic eggs for that however. When I was growing up we always used the eggs we colored.

Green things in the back yard were only beginning to provide cover, so it wasn't a very difficult hunt for the five-year old.

Altogether a fun day. Then I had to go take a rest!!

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Urie's said...

How great to have kids around. It pretty boreing when they become teens and they do not really want to do kid things anymore.