Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spring Performance

Whew, we had three performances this year; two in Ephrata and one in Quincy. This is the entry table, photo gallery and programs for "Sleeping Beauty". I enjoy putting this together each year.

I usually don't get backstage photo's, but there was a slight break in activity and I snapped a couple. The costumes were really pretty. (no, I didn't make these).

Remember four years ago when I was making all those fairy wings? I was so glad not to have to do them again this year. This dancer (pink fairy) is a senior and it is her last performance with us.
The dancer sitting on the table (below) is wearing my "Blue Bird" overlay costume. The other costumes are purchased.


steve "superfoot" hartman said...

I'll bet it brought back alot of memories from the perfomances you did as a child. It's nice to see my Mother active in the things that she loves. The wings look good and the dress. Oh, just one question, does a tu tu go with a moomoo?

tee tee

Barbara said...

Your visit to my blogspot is a sweet,pleasant surprise. No, tee tee, a tutu is for smaller girls and a muumuu is for larger ones!!!
But then, you knew that...and just wanted to get a rise out of your mum!