Friday, April 17, 2009

Long-time Friends

One of the special experiences at our 50th Anniversary party, along with family and many friends, was being able to share that time with my Maid of Honor, NancyRambeau Amell. We met when we were in the third grade when we lived in Orofino, Idaho the first time. Shortly, we moved to Greer, Idaho and then, when our house burned there, we went back to Florida.

When we returned again to Orofino, I was in the seventh and eighth grade...then we moved once again to Florida. I finished the last half of my tenth grade year in Orofino and stayed with Nancy and her mother during that time, while the rest of my family went to Kooskia. a small town up the Clearwater River beyond Orofino.

Nancy was very much a part of our family. Having no siblings, she fit right in and my parents loved her. We have kept in touch over the years, usually by phone, but it had been awhile since I had actually seen her.

I was so glad she was able to come and feel very thankful for another former classmate, Patty, who drove her here from Boise, Idaho.

One of the things that comes to us as we get older is there aren't many people left who actually knew and remember your parents. It adds a certain nostalgia to a reunion with someone who, not only knew them, but also knew ME as a young girl. ( Not many left that can claim that either!)

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Urie's said...

Great post. I loved to meet her. What a great story!! Its so good to have old friends...