Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pre-Easter Egg Hunt At Grammie's House

Since Kreanna was going to be in Pocatello for Easter, the children and I had an Easter Egg Hunt early. Actually, we have Easter Egg hunts all year around because it is one of the favorite things they like to do. We hide them in the house during the winter. Aleigha likes to hide them herself and then find them.

Aleigha likes to make sure that Jacob has plenty of eggs in his bucket. Very sharing.

Hiking to Lenore Caves, March 13, 2010

Mary and Jack came down from Spokane in their RV and stayed the weekend. We decided to hike up to the Lenore Lake Caves. It was a warm spring day and turned out to be a lot of fun.

The wild flowers were so pretty I couldn't resist taking pictures.

Hey...I found a caveman up there. Think I will take him home and keep him!!
Mary found one too!!!

Yep, sisters have fun together!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Special Event

An added bonus to my Seattle trip was attending the baptism of my nephew, Michael's, oldest son. It had been a long time since I had seen my sister and her family, so this was a great way to end a wonderful weekend. On Saturday, February 27th, Phil, Jon and Jacob met Jackie and I where Highway 18 intersects I-90. I transfered vehicles for the trip to the Federal Way Meetinghouse.
Linda and I with her latest Granddaughter... Mary and Jason's daughter, Sabrina.

Jon with his Aunt Linda.
Father and son before the baptism. There is such a sweet understanding between these two.
A family picture: Michael, Christina and sons. The baptismal service itself was so spiritual and uplifting. Christina and Mary gave inspiring talks prior to the baptism. Michael, Christina and a family friend sang. There were many family members there and it was such a joy to be in attendance.

There were too many in attendance to be accommodated at Michael's, so permission was given to gather in the Primary room for pizza and cake after the service. It was such a happy gathering. I enjoyed my family members so much and made new friends of others in attendance.

Awesome Seattle Weekend, February 25th-27th

It has been a long time since I had such a fun trip. My friend, Jackie, invited me to go to the Sew Expo in Pullayup. We stayed in her "time-share" a half block from the Paramount Theater in Seattle. It is a hotel that was built in about 1906, updated, but retaining the same decor. I LOVED it. My bed actually stored tilted up into the wall. It was perfect. The lobby had a huge, black, concert piano which was always softly playing as you passed through.

This is MY SPACE!! It was such fun to stay here. Jackie is a great roommate.

We went to the Cheesecake factory for dinner Thursday night...I had grilled Salmon which was so fresh and delicious. For breakfast Friday we grabbed muffins at a nearby shop.
The Expo was SO much fun. You could stand in one place and not get tired of looking at all the fabric, quilts, threads, laces, sewing tools, machines, etc.
One of the REALLY fun experiences was finding my former sister-in-law, Cherie. I knew she went to these Expo's all over the US and I had been listening for her voice, which is very distinctive, in case I didn't recognize her. It was so exciting to find her and have such a warm reception.

Jackie and I had lunch at the Expo...delicious clam chowder in a bread bowl. There were two huge pavilions to tour then we drove back to Seattle to REST!
That night we ate Thai food, which I had never ventured to try. We ordered three different dishes and shared.
It was good. After dinner we stopped at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. My cellphone rang and it was Phil. He asked if we were home safe and ready for bed. I said "No, we are at the Candy Store". He knew what that meant...he has lived with my love of books for many years!!!

Saturday morning we went to Pike's Market which was only a few blocks from our hotel. The flowers were so beautiful...notice those gorgeous daffodils in the background. We went to a vendor that had the most delicious, fresh fruit and vegetable. The plums were the best I have ever eaten, the grapefruit needed no sweetening, the mango was just right and the romaine was huge, dark green and fresh. I think they harvest in the Garden of Eden.
On the way to meet Phil at Highway 18, we stopped at Boehms Chocolate factory. The chocolate scent alone could add five pounds!!!
The best part, of course, was sharing all those things with a good friend and making cherished memories.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Phil's February Outings

Phil took a couple of Ephrata Elder's down to a place near George, Washington to see some rock formations called "The Feathers"

This seems to be a popular place for rock climbers.

From this view, it is apparent why it is called "The Feathers". I have never been there but I think I would like to go. What an unusual rock formation out in the middle of nowhere.
Phil and a couple of his friends took a drive down to the Potholes one day this month. It really is pretty in this area even if there are no mountains and trees!!!

Here's the Birthday Boy!!

Six years old!!! It's hard to believe. I took my gift over Tuesday after school so he would have a gift on his birthday. Jon and Kre had one for him that day too, so we stretched the fun out!!

Jon and Jacob putting his Lego (from Grammie and Papa) present together.

It is fun to watch them. They are a good team.

Jacob's Birthday 2010

Jacob's friends came to Time Out Pizza Wednesday night for his Friend's Party. The beautiful bike was given to him by his Grandma in Pocatello.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mission Completed

It has been over a month since our mission at the LDS Employment Resource Center was completed. We have learned a lot of new things. As we served we found there were skills needed that we hadn't anticipated but were made equal to. Sometimes the most important thing we could do was listen, offer encouragement and suggest new ideas.
One of the practices we have continued at home is the morning devotional. We would arrive at the office early so we could read a scripture, have a spiritual thought and prayer for the day. We often prayed specifically for those we were working with. We would pray for inspiration and guidance and that those who entered the office, whether member or nonmember, would feel the spirit of the Lord there.
We have recognized special blessings that have come to us as we served this mission. We were blessed to work with some wonderful brothers and sisters in the gospel. We formed special bonds with them. We love our former mission companion couple, Jeff and Jackie Behling. We felt love and compassion for all those who came to the office seeking our services.
As we were issued the call, I had a fleeting concern about affording the gas to travel to Moses Lake three times a week and sometimes four times if there were special meetings, or the need to visit individual wards for training specialists. It has been interesting to note how the Lord provided. Not only was our monthly gasoline bill SMALLER during our mission, but Phil was given MORE opportunities to work during our days off than he had in any of the previous years since retirement. Our cup literally "runneth over".
Learning to be confined in an office and using the computer was challenging and new to Phil while going back into an office again was challenging for me. Even though it was an unexpected calling that blindsided us a bit, it turned out to be the right timing for us, because it was the period prior to the introduction of the new website and the changing roles of the Resource Center. Phil learned enough about the computer to do his job during our mission and I survived the stress of coordinating the office, but the new changes require a lot more skills than previously. Again, saying "yes" to this call to serve was the right thing for us and the right timing.
Most important, perhaps, is we were able for the first time in over 50 years to spend time together. Phil has always had two jobs and was gone most of the time. The daily confinement took some adapting for both of us and we made each other crazy for awhile. Now I enjoy the opportunities we have to work on projects together...opportunities we never really had in the past.
It's been my experience over the years that the Lord tests us to see if we will "do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them". (Abraham 3:25) How often He calls us to serve Him just as we have made plans for, and are looking forward to, accomplishing something entirely different, something we have longed to do for a long time, and something our heart is set on. Therein lies the test. So often what He asks is NOT what I want to do and is always hard work, requiring me to grow in some new area I least desire to change. Submitting my will to His is not easy for me...leaving skid marks is the norm, but when I choose to follow His plan for me the resulting blessings have always been greater than they would have been if I had followed my own preferred path, and always not what I would have supposed. When I look back and acknowledge that truth, the pain, disappointment, feelings of loss, impatience, frustration and foot-stamping tantrums experienced prior to yielding my will become a source of private embarrassment. So, obedience is greater than sacrifice. The green path doesn't climb, neither does it strengthen us. It's that darn rocky, steep, uninviting one that He keeps pointing to! But He has always walked with me on that one...with me whining all the way!

Know Your Family History Post

Anyone out there recognize this home? Our children should. It's ok, go ahead and guess...there should be SOME comments!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Project

We've been waiting for many years to be able to complete my sewing room. It happened this month! Unless you saw the original it's hard to appreciate the current.

December Memories...the sweet and the sad.

December is a a sweet time for our family as we rejoice in the birth of our Savior, enjoy a time of extra service and giving in His memory. We also celebrate two family birthdays; Jonathan's on the 12th and Teresa's on the 19th.

The sad times are the two deaths we have experienced in December. First, our granddaughter, Amanda, on Jonathan's birthday in 1997 and now my brother, Preston, on Teresa's birthday 2009.

Both events were incredibly painful. However, we have found the deaths in no way intrude on our celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is His birth and His atoning sacrifice that gives us the strength to carry the loss of our loved ones. It deepens our reverence for Him and gives us hope as we look forward to a future reunion with all those we love. We give thanks.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jacob's Piano Recital

Jacob had his first piano recital at a Retirement Center in Ephrata. I was surprised how confident he was playing in front of a group in a place he had never been. Georganna Wilfong is his teacher and she knew me and my family when I was about ten years old and we lived in Orofino, Idaho.
Another important item is Mrs. Wilfong was also Jon's piano teacher when he was a young boy. It was a special time for all of us...and Aleigha was determined not to be left out.