Friday, May 27, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had gift opening early. Jon and Kreanna went to Pocatello, Idaho.

Playing in the snow, December 2010

Jon's Birthday December 12, 2010

A pizza cake?

Jacob's School Program, December 2010

Jacob played a solo for the program.

Jacob is on the back row on the far right.

Halloween October 2010

Fourth Birthday October 2010

September Harvest

Grammie's sunflowers

BIG ZUCCHINI! In the tomato plant??
Fruits of the harvest.

Kreanna's Birthday, June 2010

Strawberrry Shortcake is Kreanna's favorite.

Staying Overnight at Grammie's House June 2010

Playing at Soap Lake

Just Checking.

Planting the Garden with Papa

A Day at Grammie's House April 2010

First, an Easter egg hunt request even though Easter is over .
A little bike ride.
Time to blow bubbles.
A self-portrait.
Posing for the picture.
Time for sports.

Had an accident.
First Aid needed for a different kind of accident.
Jacob is home from school.
Needless to say, Grammie and Aleigha were both tired at the end of the day.