Sunday, December 7, 2008

Looking back...

Uncle Kirk sent this to us last week and I thought it would be fun to share it. Can you find Phil without looking at the writing at the bottom? Phil can tell some interesting stories about the teacher, Mrs. Arnold. She was apparently the Superintendant of Schools before she taught in Stites and she lived in Grangeville. He heard Mrs. Arnold used to ride her horse to visit the schools in her district which included Stites, Kooskia, Battle Ridge, and up around Grangeville where she lived. Try asking the Superintendant of Schools to do that now!!!


Urie's said...

We had fun looking for Grandpa, No to hard to do. This was a great picture. It fun to hear stories from you guys.

Teresa said...

I found him right away, some people don't change much...ha ha.
Love the blast from the past posts!

Wuppett said...

Aunt Barbara,
I finally made a blog but am still learning. Not quite sure how to fix the back ground and add photos but will keep reading.
I found Uncle Philip the first try, he just has that Hartman look.