Friday, December 19, 2008

Find That Island!!!

For those of you who are struggling during these hard economic times...Jacob has an answer to financial embarrassment. He drew this map while visiting me today and I thought it was a "treasure" all by itself. (He drew it in pencil and it was so faint, I traced over it in a darker pen.) It's so much fun to be a Grammie.


Teresa said...

How cute....I'd like to find some of that treasure myself. At first glace I thought he drew a duck -- don't tell him that.

Urie's said...

Kids have the best ideas, Lets go hunt treasure, that will make it all better. How cute he is

LovePridePrejudice - Emmaline said...

Squeeeee, I found you... I saw a post on kre's blog and thought I would pop over to yours. Hi!

What a fantastic treasure map.

Did Phil tell you we moved back to the area? We are in Wenatchee now. If you want to see our family blog go to