Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Called to Serve!!

We have been called to serve a part-time Welfare Services Mission in the LDS Employment Resource Center in Moses Lake, Washington. Employment Resource Services helps individuals become career self-reliant through employment, education, and self-employment.

Our service began Monday, December 1, 2008. We will remain at home and travel to Moses Lake several times a week. Our responsibilities include training, teaching and encouraging individuals seeking employment. We offer career work shops, assist with resume preparation and job coaching, interview candidates, and assist individuals to obtain special training for better employment. We also help develop business community contacts.

We request your prayers in our behalf that we will succeed in assisting many people in their need for education and employment during our months of service.

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Teresa said...

Wow, nice picture. You both look very "official"...if only you had your name tags. Hey, you may just have to help find you son, Steve, a job -- well, lets hope not.