Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Snowing Again!!!

How is this for a Christmas Eve! Jacob remembered doing this last year and wanted a repeat. Now if all our children and grandchildren were home we could replay that old tradition where the Exeters and the Hartmans go out to the Port area and ride on sleds. Remember???


Urie's said...

wow, do I remember the snow when I was litte. We had lots. We would always go to the airport to sled or go down dead mans hill. I remember when dad was almost dead sleding on the hill. fun times

tee tee said...

Those are the winters I remember as a kid, especially Dad tying a rope behind the Blue Onion and then to a sled or tube and dragging us around at the airport, as well as having a snowball fight with Bro. Ellison accross the street, boy could he throw hard and fast, ouch! Billy Exeter and I learned our leason not to do that more then once a year. I remember when Dad and I were the only ones at the sledding hill and we found out why. He went first, "to test it" he said and on the way down, his hand slipped, went under the runner and he sliced it open. It was an ice run, not a snow run, so we went back home disapointed and bleeding. Oh, and doing my paper route in the snow, walking down the hill to go get them and then walking all the way to K & L street and then having to go back down to get the rest becuase there were so many flyers for Christmas, I couldn't carry them all at once. It's no wonder I have a few muscles today. Ha ha

Barbara said...

Steven and Terri, I loved those memories!! I couldn't remember what happened with Dad and the icy hill. I had also forgotton about Bro. Ellison and the snow ball fights. Thank you for the reminder.