Monday, February 9, 2009


For several months I have been making a plan to surprise Phil with a gift as we neared our anniversary. Last Wednesday, as we entered Ephrata after work, I mentioned to Phil that I wanted to stop at Safeway to pick up a prescription and also stop at Harrison Jewelers. He agreed without any comment. When we got to Harrison's and I was getting out of the car, I told him that he had to come in with me. That surprised him and as we went through the entrance he asked why he needed to come in. I stopped, faced him, and said: "After being married nearly fifty years, I thought it was time he wore a wedding ring". I told him he could choose what he liked and I was going to pay for it out of my personal savings.

When we ordered my wedding ring 50 years ago a narrow, gold band came with it without charge and he wore it for a few years. It becamed worn and misshapen before long and he hasn't worn a ring in more years than I can remember.

He doesn't like gold jewelry, and wasn't interested in the ones I would have chosen for him. Silver colored jewelry with a more traditional look was his favorite and that is what he chose to get. It really was a fun surprise and.....about time!


Kreanna said...

Way to go, Mom!! It is a very nice ring.

Team Harris said...

I love it!! What a fun surprise!!

Urie's said...

Wow, Dad is a lucky guy. It only took 50 years to get that ring he always wanted. I so glad you did. You are the best Parents!!!
love U lots!

Teresa said...

You're is about time! We can't wait to see it in person next month!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Congrats on 50 years!