Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daffodils in February

It is so dark and ugly outside this time of year. The snow has melted and what hasn't melted is dirty. I love it that Phil always brings me daffodils in February. He started doing that a long time ago...so many years I can't remember when. This year was no different and, as usual, they were a bright spot when the sun doesn't shine. Don't they just make you smile!


Teresa said...

I never knew he did that --- how sweet! Hope it gets pretty for all of you quickly...like by maybe next month would be great!

Team Harris said...

That's so cool! It's funny because I always associate daffodils with February too. When we were house hunting 8 years ago, we found this house while out looking at places with our real estate agent on President's Day. One of the things that struck me about the house were all the daffodils coming up in the backyard that day! I will never forget it... and every February when my daffies begin to come up again, I always remember that day we went house hunting in 2001. Fun!