Friday, January 30, 2009

Ephrata's Artist

Jacob came to our house yesterday while Kreanna took Aleigha to the doctor. (She has an ear infection as it turns out, and has been running a fever for a few days.) Anyway, one of the things he always likes to do is draw. I was tempted to scan this picture, too, after it was finished...the explanation was so much fun. He was just beginning to draw when I took the picture. He drew a car (which you can see) (a FAST car as he put it) and the road it traveled, including some figures like this: /\ /\ /\ . When I asked him what they were he responded they were bumps in the road and drew my attention to the fact that the road went around them. There was also a point in the road where it went into spirals. I asked what was happening there. He replied, "That's where the car goes round and round, REALLY FAST!!" Hum, I'm wondering if this should be one of those things you share with his parents...or not...or just hope for the best when he turns 16. Also notice his favorite snack: Papa's bread and apple juice!


Urie's said...

He is so cute. Id be really scard if I were his parents. But he could come to Aunties and she would teach him to drive.

Team Harris said...

SO CUTE! Good to see a new blog post from you! And I vote for not telling his parents and just hoping for the best! ;-)