Monday, November 3, 2008

Visiting in Spokane

Last Friday, October 31st, Phil and I drove to Spokane to visit my sisters. We arrived in time for Mary and I to have lunch with her daughter, Laurie. We went to a fun place near the school where Laurie is employed and I had half a pita sandwich and small Greek salad. It was SO good...but best of all was seeing my niece and sister again. Meanwhile, Jack and Phil went to Cabella's and also to lunch...just doing their own thing.

We stayed overnight with (Aunt) Mary and Jack. They are so very hospitable and go the extra mile to make us comfortable...and feed us delicious meals!!! Katherine (Aunt Ronnie) came to dinner also and it was wonderful to have time with both my sisters. We visited with Aunt Ronnie for a little while Saturday morning, then went to Costco before driving home. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures so all you get is the written word!!


Teresa said...

Well, you described your weekend glad you had that time with your family.

Kreanna said...

I'm glad you had such a good time.

Urie's said...

Its so much fun to get away. Its nice you saw your sisters and had a good time with them. I miss them so much.