Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today would have been Amanda's 16th birthday. I have made it a tradition to go to the cemetary and clean the leaves from her memorial stone every year before her birthday. I go down other times during the year also, but there are certain dates I mark in my mind for special visits. I take a bouquet down that Teresa made for her the November after she passed away. I've had to refurbish that bouquet now and then over the years, and add new names around the bottom of the container as new siblings were added to her family. Adding Joshua's name actually completed the circle around the bottom of the vase.

Looking at the picture, it is the container on the left. The flowers in the middle are mine and the large container holds a living rose bush (and some artificial roses) from a thoughtful Hispanic family who live next door to us.

We miss her and anticipate how wonderful it will be when we are reunited as a family. She is my darling little girl still.


Teresa said...

It's difficult not having a tangible place to visit on days like this -- so it means the world to me that you're there doing what I cannot do. Thanks so much --

Urie's said...

I think It great that josh compleated the circle around the pot. kinda symbolic if you know what i mean. We miss Amanda deeply. You are doing a great job keeping her headstone looking nice.

Fandoria said...

It's so hard to believe Amanda would have been 16 now. I miss her so much but I'm so grateful for the memories I have of her.