Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Papa's Best Helper

Phil started preparing the driveway for the concrete so his "best helper" came to his aid. Grandpa got him his own shovel last winter when he helped shovel snow, so he was using that to help shovel gravel off.

Later Kay Nelson and Bill Coley showed up to help and it was just a little confusing to Jacob. He had to come in to tell me that there were two helpers out there. I said "yes, but you are his BEST helper" and that seemed to reassure him so he went back outside. The big helpers were pretty patient with him. When I took water out for everyone, he had his own little chair to rest on and his own glass of water. It was hot during that part of the day so they were all a little

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Hartman's said...

Cute...but maybe you should just concrete your whole front yard! :)