Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Blessings

Our trip to Arizona in September was memorable in many ways. It gave us a chance to see our children at home with their families. One of the many things I felt pleased with was the Saturday schedule at Steve and Teresa's. All the children had jobs to do...some of the jobs I was surprised they could do. We've always had a lot of respect for good work ethics and it is comforting to see the parents passing it on to the next generation. It was fun to capture the "child labor" in action as seen below.

We were glad to see Rebecca accepting another job and enthusiastically jumping right in to learn it. I noticed Jeff, Starr, and Emi being willing to go the extra mile when needed. Jessica so sweetly went with Terri and I to my dear friend, Ann's, and played the viola for her. Joseph has really bonded to Grandpa and gave him some extra attention. We are so blessed.

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