Sunday, October 19, 2008

Concrete Project

The driveway and back steps are finished!!!

We had a lot of activity at our house this week. The hero and heroine of this project was Bro. Steve Gwynn and his wife, Jann.

Steve spear-headed this project and spent so many hours making it happen. Jann may look like she is supervising, but she was the transit operator, ready when needed, and a stalwart support. Actually, I even got to try my hand at the transit when Jann was absent once.

We had many wonderful friends come last Friday for the concrete pour as you can see in the photos...a very long day for Steve.

I learned a lot as an observer and recipient of this great gift. This is VERY hard work and there are many drops of sweat mingled in that concrete. We are so grateful for these brethren who came and served...laughing and joking as they did it!!


Hartman's said...

What a great blessing to have such good friends. The driveway looks awesome....nice to see it come together in pictures.

Urie's said...

Its so nice to be able to see whats happening at home. Im so glad you got your blog!

Teresa said...

And you are TAGGED. I doubt you'll actually do it -- PROVE ME WRONG!!!!