Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Phil's February Outings

Phil took a couple of Ephrata Elder's down to a place near George, Washington to see some rock formations called "The Feathers"

This seems to be a popular place for rock climbers.

From this view, it is apparent why it is called "The Feathers". I have never been there but I think I would like to go. What an unusual rock formation out in the middle of nowhere.
Phil and a couple of his friends took a drive down to the Potholes one day this month. It really is pretty in this area even if there are no mountains and trees!!!


Teresa said...

Wow, that area is very pretty. Who would have thought...haha

Urie's said...

Thats looks like fun!!! I want to go Daddy!

Kreanna said...

How pretty! Might be something fun to do with the fam this summer.