Monday, September 29, 2008


I think it would be important to give credit to my blog "helpers". Teresa kindly assisted the initial establishment of this site (INSISTED or coerced COULD be used, but we don't tell all our family secrets...yet). (This would be a good place to do that, however.)

Kreanna walked me through overcoming some obstacles and putting the pictures on Sunday night. Terri is cheerleading and there to help too...which is definitely needed in my case. Thank you, my daughters, you are a great blessing to me.

I was showing Dad all the blogspots (he wanted to see what I was doing too) and he decided he wants some pictures from your sites. Never guess which ones!! The Halloween pictues! He was especially taken with his oldest son's new look last year!! Makes ya proud, don't it? Our beautiful grandchildren were a close second.

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